Welcome to the community page for your waste water treatment project with Regional Utility Service Systems (RUSS). RUSS will be updating this page regularly in an effort to keep you up-to-date on the progress of the planning, funding and construction phases of the treatment systems in your community.

The process of planning and implementing a project can span 3-5 years (occasionally longer), so we hope this website will help keep you update on meetings, activities and decisions that affect the system development and implementation. RUSS wants to improve our communication with communities, so we hope that this is a good first step.

RUSS also wants you to know that if you have specific questions about your project you are welcome to contact Bruce Hudson, Executive Director by emailing or by calling the RUSS office 319-385-1223.

September 2012 UPDATE:

RUSS has procured Garden and Associates, Inc. from Oskaloosa to provide engineering services for your project.
Lee County Board of Supervisors has entered into a 28E agreement with RUSS to continue working on the PER (Preliminary Engineering Report) for the community. Once a footprint of the area is established and PER completed-RUSS will have a meeting with the citizens of the community to determine if the project will continue to go forward.