Coupon Booklets

Sewer user fees are a monthly flat-rate charge per hookup. User fees are reviewed and adjusted annually for each community to produce adequate revenues to retire indebtedness, meet operation, maintenance and replacement needs, and to establish required reserves.

If you purchase or sell property in a community where the property owner receives a coupon book, please contact the RUSS finance manager to update the customer records. For further information, click on the link for your community.

The communities RUSS serves receive coupon books annually in June and those rates are effective in July. Please use the corresponding monthly coupon when mailing payments and send to:

  • RUSS
  • 1501 W Washington St, Ste 103
  • Mt. Pleasant, IA 52641

If you have specific questions about your bill or payment, please call 319-385-1223 ext. 0 for the finance manager.